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.: Greetings

"Hamilton District darts Association Inc. Is a Thursday evening mixed darts competition, catering for players of all ages from juniors to senior citizens and all skill levels, novice to premier league, we can cater for you or your team.

Most of the teams in our association are sponsored by their venue, so costs are minimal. So come along and join a team or put together your own team, Our Committee can assist you to find a venue or team. The name of the game is enjoyment and friendship"

We have players in our association who have represented their state and country at both junior and senior levels of competition. Our association also proudly sponsors Newcastle Junior Darts Association who consistently make up a large portion of the state junior representative team.


To encourage the playing of Competition Darts and to promote, preserve and foster good fellowship and friendship amongst all players. To exercise jurisdiction over all members in all matters pertaining to the Sport of Darts including and without limiting the generality of the foregoing to expel, suspend, disqualify, reprimand or otherwise deal with any category of member or individual.

The taking of such steps as may be deemed to be necessary and in the best interests of the association to the procuring of funds by way of donations, subscriptions,levies or otherwise.

The printing and publishing of newsletters, periodicals, books and leaflets or other documentation as deemed to be desirable for the promotion of the objects and purposes of the Association. To do all such things that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects specified in the forgoing provisions of this sub-rule. Alterations and amendments to the objects of this association shall be made by special resolution.


If you are interested in registering for a team individually or registering a team for further information contact the Honourary Secretary. Contact details are below.
Below is the links to both the Team and Individual Player Registrations, PDF format. Print forms and place either in the HDDA box at The Station Hotel or Post to the Secretary at the address below.


.: Aims

To promote competition Darts within a 8 kilometre radius of Hamilton Railway Station bounded by the Hunter River.

PO Box 66
Windale NSW 2306

Honourary Secretary
Janice Lettice
1 Kilfera Street
Windale NSW 2306



.: Reminder

Make sure that the score sheets are placed in the box at the Station Hotel. Failure to place sheets in the box can result in points being taken away.





 Division 3





At Lambton Bowling Club 7pm .

Next GM's/AGM's will be on





Commttiee Members Contact Information:


Ian Lettice


02 4950 8820


Vice President

Liz Hatch

0401 130 499



Hon Secretary

Jan Lettice


02 4948 5411


Hon Treasurer

Norm Martin JP


02 4953 1331


Min/Asst Secretary

Neil Jackson

0411 458 659









Chris Prior





Margaret Lettice


02 4950 8820 



Earle Griffin





Jeanette Cox





Brian Anthes





.: Links

Darts Federation of Australia | Nodor Australia [agent] |

             www.dfadarts.org                                              www.alanasports.com.au

www.lambtonparkhotel.com.au         www    www.hoteljesmond.com.au

.: Sponsors

Mayfield Bowling ClubShaft Tavern  | Hamilton North Bowling Club | Newcastle United Sports Club |

Mayfield West Bowling Club | District Park Tennis Club  | Northumberland Hotel | Lambton Park Hotel

Jesmond Hotel | Kotara Bowling Club


.: Developer notes

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